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Why Has My ‘Innie’ Become An ‘Outie’ In Pregnancy?

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What causes changes to the belly button during pregnancy?

About halfway through pregnancy, the top of your uterus is sitting around the middle of your bump. This added pressure can push out against the belly button. Your belly button may become shallower or flatten out as your skin gets tighter.

The more your belly grows, the more pronounced the change to your belly button can become. It may even change from an innie to an outie, or protrude out further if you already have an outie.

This change is more likely to happen in the final weeks of your first pregnancy. If you’ve been pregnant before, your belly button may change a bit earlier but probably still not until the third trimester.

Will my belly button go back to normal?

Typically, your belly button will go back to how it was before pregnancy at some point after birth. In rare cases, pregnant women may experience an umbilical hernia which causes the navel to continue to protrude after birth. Some hernias will eventually shrink after birth, though you should talk to your doctor if your belly button doesn’t go down. Some hernias require surgery to fix but speak to your doctor about this.

Your belly button popping out shouldn’t hurt, but it can feel itchy due to the stretching of the skin. If you’re experiencing umbilical pain, let your doctor know.

You can expect all sorts of weird and wonderful changes as your body grows with your baby! If you’re ever concerned or uncertain, talk to your healthcare professional. Remember what a strong and powerful thing you’re doing by carrying through a pregnancy.

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