What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

The limbs that had started to develop in recent weeks become quite pronounced in week 9. With the loss of the embryonic tail, your baby is increasingly looking more human.

Its eyes are developing pigment, and it now has a tongue with its very own taste buds. Beneath its transparent skin, blood vessels are clearly visible as your baby develops the internal systems it will rely on outside your body. You will even be able to see the forming umbilical cord which will become quite long in the later stages of your pregnancy. Your baby may even be making small movements although you won’t yet be able to feel these.

At the end of the ninth week, your baby-to-be will measure around 2cm – roughly the size of a small grape.

What’s happening to me?

Frequent urination and sometimes incontinence are becoming a feature of the pregnancy for you. You can mitigate this by practising pelvic floor muscle exercises, which can be demonstrated in maternal health clinics and some fitness centres.

You may also notice a pseudo-baby bump, but this is likely from weight gain due to your increased appetite. Keep listening to your body and allow your cravings and aversions to guide you. A maternity or supportive bra can help with the changes that your breasts are undergoing.