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Tips for Overnight Stays with your Little One

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Getting out and about with your little one in tow can be overwhelming at times, and overnight stays can add a whole extra layer to manage! With the right preparation and organisation, you can enjoy those visits to friends or family or well-deserved getaways that involve staying overnight with your baby away from home.

Knowing what to pack can be tricky, especially those first few times. We're here to help with some dos and don'ts on what to take with you and what you can afford to leave at home to lighten the load.

Do: research your destination

If you're visiting family and friends, this step will be quite simple – give them a call and check if they've got any essentials to save you packing double-ups. This is a good time to ask how baby-proofed their space is and determine if you need to bring things that are easy to pack and can bring some extra peace of mind, like door or drawer latches.

If you're staying at a holiday home, consider calling ahead or sending an email to ask if they have children's cutlery and plates, age-appropriate toys or books and if there'll be room to prep food, formula and bottles. Enquire about their baby-proofing too, but consider packing things you use often like latches or a stove guard just in case.

Do: ensure you have a safe sleep space for your destination

A lightweight travel cot can make overnight stays so much easier. If you’re worried about the new sleep environment for your little one, you could try some dry runs at home and set it up for some naps in the weeks leading up to your travels.

The super-compact 4baby Liteway Portacot packs easily into a convenient carry bag for simpler travel. A padded mattress and fitted sheet are included for snug, safer sleeps, and the fully ventilated mesh sides help keep your baby cool.

Prepare for all those sleepovers with the 4baby Liteway Portacot, only at Baby Bunting, for just $139 – save $50 in our April catalogue! Shop it here.

Don't: forget comforters or security items

The closer you can replicate your baby's normal night-time routine, the easier it may be for them to settle and sleep. Their favourite quilt, toy or other security items can act as a soothing piece of home away from home! Remember, toys, pillows and excess blankets in the cot are a safety hazard, so only use security items to help soothe your little one before bed – don't leave them alone in the cot together.

Do: take any white noise or night light that your little one is used to

White noise and a night light can make a huge difference to your baby's sleep environment. If they're used to noise and gentle light at home, bringing those along with you can help make for a smooth night of snoozing.

The Oricom SC720 Video Monitor doubles as a night light and can help make nights more relaxing for your baby no matter where they're laying their head. With digital pan-tilt and zoom, room-temperature display, colour display and vibrating alerts, this monitor helps you keep an eye on your little snoozer from anywhere in the home, day or night. Set them up for better rest with the soft night light, soothing lullabies or white noise, or reassure them with 2-way talk.

Bring a soothing part of your at-home routine wherever you go with the Oricom SC720 Video Monitor for just $99 in our catalogue sale – save $50! Shop it here.

Do: pack extra of the essentials like outfits and nappies

Have you ever noticed how the one time you forget the nappy bag is the one time your baby will have a level 5 blowout? The same seems to apply for outfits, too – the single occasion you leave home without a full change of clothes will be the exact moment your little one spills a sippy cup of milk over themselves. This phenomenon applies doubly when you’re away from home and don’t have the ability to nip back to raid the closet. So make a list, check it twice, then add an extra outfit for each day and night you’ll be away from home.

From swaddle wraps and reusable nappies to rompers, leggings and singlets, 4Baby and Bilbi have the babywear essentials covered. Boasting soft, breathable fabrics and super cute designs, babywear from these brands is designed to keep your little one feeling comfy and secure as they grow.

Do: remember to bring options for getting out and about

Whether you’re visiting friends or family, taking a staycation, or travelling for more serious business, you are likely to need to leave your accommodation to get food or explore the area. Your standard pram can take up a lot of space, so depending on your bub’s age, you might prefer to pack a more lightweight and compact option like a baby carrier or stroller. A good-quality travel stroller can help keep the journey smooth, whether you're on a mission for a serious caffeine hit or taking your baby for a pre-bedtime cruise around the block.

With a padded shoulder carry strap, convenient carry bag and lightweight design, the BabyZen YoYo2 Stroller is easy to bring with you no matter the location. The windowed canopy is UPF50+ and treated with waterproofing, so you can keep an eye on your little one while they stay cosy through any season. Plus, it easily folds in a moment for simple transport! Check it out here.

Don't: forget to have a good time!

Being away from home with your baby can be stressful – that is an understandable and normal way to feel. Ideally, you'll be able to enjoy some relaxation or embrace the shake-up of your usual routine and enjoy a well-deserved change of scenery.

Remind yourself that things will be different while you're away; your routine will flow differently, your baby may have a harder time getting to sleep, you might realise you forgot a toy for them or that book you've been meaning to read. That’s OK though – it’s a normal part of the experience and all part of travelling once you have an extra person to pack for.

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