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Is It Normal For My Unborn Baby’s Movements To Hurt Me?

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As your baby grows, their movements will become more powerful as their muscles become stronger. You may experience more discomfort later in your pregnancy. As your baby wriggles around, you may experience pain in your ribs, stomach or vagina.

If your baby stays in the same position for a while, such as while they’re sleeping, you could experience a constant pain (like a stitch). When your baby is awake and moving, you could feel individual ‘stabbing’ pains. You are the expert on your body and you’re the first to know if something new or different is happening in terms of the way you feel physically – always communicate pain or new sensations to your health care provider.

Ways to reduce discomfort

  • Lying on your side may relieve some pressure, especially if you are sore from baby staying in the same position for a while.
  • Kneeling on all fours for a few minutes can encourage baby to move to a different position.
  • A knee to chest position may help move those little legs away from your sore ribs. Start on all fours, then drop your head, shoulders and chest toward the floor so your bottom can raise in the air.
  • Standing up and moving your hips in a circular motion may encourage baby to move.
  • Applying gentle pressure just below your ribs may trigger your baby to change positions.
  • A full stomach can push against the womb, so eating smaller meals may alleviate discomfort.
  • Light, pregnancy-safe exercise like some yoga or pilates can help reduce pain. Make sure any exercise you do is safe for pregnancy.
  • Distractions – if you’re moving about or focusing on something, you may not notice baby’s movements as much.

Remember, the pain and discomfort you may experience from your baby’s movements is usually not of concern but if you’re experiencing significant or new pains, consult your doctor.

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