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Baby Shower Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

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Here’s one for the friends and loved ones of parents-to-be: what should you buy for a baby shower gift? With many guests having the same ideas when it comes to essentials, some out-of-the-box thinking can help you add an extra-practical and thoughtful addition to that pile of giant teddies and tiny booties.

The 4Baby range offers plenty of helpful baby necessities that go far beyond novelty. From clothes, carriers and wipes to baby proofing and stroller fans, here are our suggestions for your next baby shower gift from 4Baby – only at Baby Bunting.

Clothes, but not the endless sea of 0000

Why they’re a winner

The parent-to-be likely has plenty of clothes for their newborn – those smaller sizes are something they’ve probably stocked and will probably receive many more of at this baby shower!

Their newborn won’t stay that size for long, though, and while it’s nice to have options to rotate through and always have a clean onesie on hand, these 0000 sizes will be old news quite quickly. Help them prepare for those seemingly overnight jumps in size with some 000 or 00 clothing. They’ll thank you for it when their little one is a bit bigger. Always consider the season it will be when the baby will hit a certain size – if they’re born in winter, they probably won’t need winter clothing for those 6-month-old sizes.

Our pick

Our 4Baby brand offers singlets, bodysuits, rompers, wraps, leggings and plenty more cute and cosy clothes. There’s something for babies of all sizes through all seasons from 4Baby, so browse the range of clothes today to stock up on your little one’s wardrobe.


Why they’re a winner

Needed in essentially infinite supply, wipes will never go to waste in a parent’s hands. Practicality trumps novelty when it comes to baby shower gifts, so wipes are a thoughtful way to show you’ve really considered the new chapter the new parents are about to begin.

Baby proofing accessory pack

Why they’re a winner

One day babies are stationary, and the next, they’ll be scooting all over the place. It can happen without warning, and busy parents will be happy to have this kit ready to go exactly when they need it.

Our pick

The 4Baby 25 Piece Home Safety Kit helps keep your curious tot out of drawers and cupboards, helps protect them from bumping into sharp corners, and covers electrical sockets. It contains:

  • Socket Covers x 12
  • Long Latch/Appliance Latch x 4
  • Corner Cushion x 4
  • Drawer Latch x 4
  • Door Stopper x 1.

Stroller fan

Why they’re a winner

Overheating in prams is a crucial consideration, and no matter where you are in Australia, air circulation is helpful on warmer days. Small and easy to store, a stroller fan won’t be an inconvenient gift to hang on to and will be brilliant to have on hand just in case.

Our pick

This 4Baby Stroller Fan easily attaches to most strollers with the sturdy clip and boasts a flexible neck so you can adjust it to sit just right. Soft foam blades make it lightweight, portable, and less of a hazard than hard plastic alternatives.

Baby carrier

Why they’re a winner

Sometimes babies just want to be held, and having a variety of options to keep the baby close and happy is super helpful. A carrier is also handy to stash in the car for those times a busy parent needs to whip into the shops with their little one.

Our pick

The 4Baby 3-way carrier offers back and front carry positions with world-facing and parent-facing front options. It’s also compact enough to fit in a baby bag, so they can always bring it along just in case. The design also supports healthy hip positioning for bub, which is important for growing bodies.

Baby showers are a time to celebrate a new family unit, not just a new baby. Hopefully you’ve gotten some serious gift inspo from the ideas above. Want to see what else 4Baby has to offer new and expecting parents? Check out the full range online today – only at Baby Bunting.

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